If you're one of Nba 2k22 Mt people who want to play one game for months and the most you are interested in is basketball, NBA 2K22 is your game. It will make you switch from up to a new game and you'll be glued to the TV or monitor until the battery runs out at your will. This is not by reinventing the gaming experience, as if you had a similar experience last year, but rather by conclusively consolidating the best of what's been working.

The boost that has been given to the star modes as well as the high-detail cult that is typical of the series are the primary features in this latest game which also, as last year, significantly benefits people who own a new generation console. Which, unfortunately, also makes PC gamers in the same bag. However, it has to be noted that the option of traveling to Cancha del Mar has been surprising. Especially if we compare it to that of the Neighborhood in NBA 2K20.

The playable version of NBA 2K22 is richer and more balanced. Although offensive maneuvers are not detracted, games are no more resolved only near the rim thanks to new blocking, defending, and dribbling options. Shooting technology is a perfect complement to the adjustments made and also makes the game more enjoyable making it possible to refine games that, even if not ideal, at the very least are pleasant.

Maybe, for the casual player or one who's not as enthusiastic about basketball, the calendar of events and seasons is a challenge in the long or medium term. The prizes are quite sweet, and keeping track of the latest events can be difficult. The system of progression is fair, but consistency is highly rewarded. Luckily, there are plenty of reasons to play games with a different approach and be lost in the City or in the Cancha del Mar, even as spectators. It's an adventure in and of itself.

Another year and cheap 2k22 mt is the best alternative to playing professional basketball at home. Its method of taking in what is the core of the basketball and transmitting it through all of its styles is time what this game praises even above the previous edition. This is a significant improvement in quality that can be evident in next-gen systems. Of course, in every case NBA 2K22 triumphs by being exactly what the fans expected an affectionate tribute to basketball.