Due to poor waste management, the oceans are flooded with industrial waste as well as post-consumer waste materials. The life below water has been compromised at an alarming level which is causing a major impact on the marine ecosystem. In the past couple of years, injured marine animals are washing up on the shores with plastic waste stuck to their gills, choking them to death. Meanwhile, scientists have found minute plastic pieces from the bodies of aquatic animals. These are just a few cases that have emerged before us, otherwise, there must be countless compromised marine life that we do not know about. It is up to us to protect the life below water and it is only going to be possible when we start managing our waste rather than perceiving the ocean as our waste disposal pit. Plastic Recycling is an easy and convenient solution with immense rewards. Remember, we are not getting rid of our waste if we carelessly throw it away, that waste is going to come back to haunt us as global warming. We at YFC make sure to manage industrial waste as well as post-consumer waste materials with our circular economy solutions, thus protecting the life below water. Get in touch with us to know more about ‘plastics recycling’ and more

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