Green Secure is an enterprise blockchain secure destruction and recycling solution ensuring transparency and traceability within the waste management industry.

Our state-of-the-art blockchain solutions are a win-win scenario that ensures proper destruction of material, high-quality recycled products: whilst saving companies millions in USD “leakages”.

  • Closed-Loop Recycling - Traceability and transparency support closed loop recycling.
  • Secured Platform - Secured, tamper-proof, and safe transactions which cannot be altered.
  • Fraud Prevention - Our blockchain solution ensures that it is impossible to manipulate or falsify data.
  • Traceability - Provides a complete trail of material and goods from contract phase to recycling of output through legitimate downstream vendors.
  • Responsible Recycling - A well-planned and executed recycling process ensures transparency sustainability in recycling.
  • Evidence-Based Systems - Guaranteed proofs of destroyed and recycled items using documentation, media, fraud detection, artificial intelligence and our proprietary process and algorithms. Provides documentation trail for legal cases.

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