I use prayer pots only when OSRS GP needed (tunnels only, and you won't be using them for Karil/dh as I myself don't have them, and Ah is easy to tank). Monks are eaten as needed. I use Barrage (you would normally use Blitz) Then I side-step using the Sally methods for every brother, but Ahrim. Blitz freezes for another 4,0 atts (sally/mage) and barrage is will last for six (sally/mage). After Ahrim, I generally start to get a lack of prayers points so just straight down the tank for Verac, Torag and Guthan (Right after the brother has been unfrozen , I swiftly switch to Guthan's pl8 & the V skirt).

You can effortlessly get through Barrows with less. What I use is because I already have it. If you want me to offer you individualized assistance with Barrows tubs, I should remain online for bit.

Okay, so at the moment , I'm in 80 magic and trying to work ahead for my 99. I've done a few different calculations that involve costs for various spells below. What I'm trying to figure out is if the method I'm thinking would be beneficial is worth pursuing or should I just stay with the traditional alching!

This is what I'm contemplating doing. What I'm interested in is does plank create a tedious process (as in lots or clicking?) If so would I be better off sticking with high alchemy until 99 (Method 3)? Well, I'm not too sure about this particular method since I've never attempted it. I'd love to know how you can use the spell, will it instantly transform every clay (if I'm using clay) soft, or must I click each clay individually?

This is what I had originally OSRS Membership intended to complete all the way to 99. Hello guys! Could I please get your opinions on the method you think is best for me to pursue. (By the way , I'm really tight on cash , so 10Mil is my maximum amount to spend in this!) If someone could also inform me from personal experience about humidity and how quick it can be (exp costs per hour etc) It would be greatly appreciated! and if you're able to recommend a few better methods to do i'd really appreciate it!