The Jets could be less of Mut 22 coins a concern in the sense that they're getting a new coach on the team that's working with a talent-bare roster. In contrast to an older coaching staff that has a talent-bare roster like the Bears. However, they're still sucking life from the fanbase by a lackluster performance.

Wilson's first season has cause to be concerned. Wilson was expected to be the guy to watch throughout the season. This was made possible by the trade of Sam Darnold. Wilson is under pressure to the limit because Mekhi Becton has been absent. The run game is yet to be fully developed and could not happen until the Jets draw a more favorable defensive game.

Mac Jones had his roughest game of the year in Week 3, throwing the ball so poor that it caused no response other than a grumble from his coach following the game.

Are you certain Brady isn't going to shame Belichick and run up the score? Or, have the Buccaneers destroy Mac defensively. Because I do. And I think Belichick is too: he knows what this Tampa defense might impact his young quarterback. He has to know if Brady appears great while Mac looks terrible and the Bucs steamroll the Pats, the streets will be talking. Maybe we underestimated the Patriots rush attack and offensive line -- Jones was the Patriots leading rusherand threw 51 times. This offensive strategy is not going to be successful in New England.

We all got spoiled by the fall of Tom Brady: For most quarterbacks, it's still a sudden and steep. In the case of Ben Roethlisberger it looks like the quarterback went full Thelma and Louise over the edge. The Ringer's Steven Ruiz cut up a bunch of Ben's throws from Sunday's game against the Bengals and then put them into grainy, wild west-style footage with saloon music as the background. It was one of the most hilarious things I've seen on Monday but also kind of the most depressing, because Ben appears to be completely cleaned.

The Steelers have not buy mut coins invested significant resources in the offensive line in the offseason and has resulted in a lack of run game despite drafting Najee Harris in the very first round. Harris was selected in the initial round and recorded 19 catches. targets in the pass game on Sunday, catching 14 passes. Lindsay Rhodes invited me to her podcast on Monday. She shared this gem: Harris gained 109 yards with the catch, as well as 102 receiving yards. This is incredible!