Another very effective way of recycling is returning the empty bottles to the companies so that they can recycle the no-longer-needed bottles and stop them from being dumped in the waste. The Terracycle corporations are known for this immensely. Started 15 years ago in the USA, their reach is now around in almost 20 countries of the world. They specialize in bringing back the non-biodegradable wastes and then recycling them.
Cosmetic companies have started campaigns so that more and more of their consumers can participate in recycling. L’Oreal in Australia has free of charge designated stores where one can go to dispose of their empty containers without the compulsion of having to buy anything else. Their contribution is stamped and after getting a minimum of 6 stamps, they are given a complimentary shower gel. Garnier not only takes back products from their line but from every brand and then sorts it out in categories which are then further made into new L’Oreal bottles.
Many companies that specialize in deodorant manufacturing take back empty bottles and then recycle the aluminium. Companies like Henkel started campaigns that took back these deodorant bottles and used them to make children’s gyms, to name one of many. There are other companies as well like Unilever who recycled the aluminium and used it to produce bikes for children with the help of charitable institutions.
Another one in line would be the very popular luxury cosmetic brand Estée Lauder who gives its consumers the option of returning their empty packaging after use. And after they have returned up to 6 such, they are rewarded with a free eye shadow. They don’t themselves recycle the packaging but further passes on to other companies to do it for them.
One more in the line would be an Australian company Ringana. They went a slightly different way by asking their customers to pre-clean the used bottles and post them back to the company. If they could do it with a minimum of 10 bottles, then they would be given a free cosmetic product as a gift. And that product can be of their own choice! The company then uses these same bottles to refill and repackage in an environmentally friendly way.
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