RuneHq provided me with RuneScape gold that. Now I'm disappointed to have to leave to search for the Monkey talisman and Monkey remains. Sal's Quest helped didn't have this for my sakes. I'm not even able to obtain an Enchanted Bar with my gold bar. Monkey Dentures, Monkey Amould... I'm trying to find the Monkey talisman.

The actual complaint is not feasible until the individual who made it can get it resolved. Even if you could try, you might want to just try reading the guide first to ensure you are aware of what's needed, which is right on the top of the guide page. The idea of blaming other people and blame the other for your lack of shrewdness makes it easier to transfer the burden of the task to other people.

If you follow the quest log and the instructions, the task isn't too difficult. If the quest is too complicated or confusing for cheap OSRS gold you, make suggestions and improvements. This will help to improve the website more than complaining about it.