Many people have suggested and OSRS GP as demonstrated in other forums it is needed. Here's my pathetic and fabricated quest. My Sailor's Adventure: Quest! Level of difficulty: Easy. Length Medium. Requirments Include: Fishing Rod and food that is good armor, and combat level. Ability to defeat the level 200 Sea Serpent Using only Range Cannons, Mage, Cannons or Catapults. You must finish Pirate's Treasure Quest.

Walkthrough: You can begin the A Sailor's Life for Me! Quest at the largest port in runescape - Port Sarim. Chat with Trader Stan for advice on how to build vessels similar to his. You will be amazed at the customized ships he has built. When you ask him how, he replies that it is his responsibility to return items to him. Redbeard Frank's Priate Hook is the primary item you'll need. You'll also need a Jug of Wine and Karajama Rum. 5k is optional. You will also need the peg leg.

Speak with Redbeard Frank and ask for his hook. Redbeard Frank will inform that you must first to get Emily an evening date at the Rising Sun Tavern. Emily is crying in the Tavern. You ask what's wrong and she informs you that she is going to have to close the restaurant because she's not getting enough buisness. She says she needs 5,000 GP to keep it open. Request her five dollars if she's willing to meet with Redbeard, and she will agree. Pay her the 5k and inform Redbeard Frank. He will then give you his hook.

It is now time to buy an Jug of Wine, and an Asgarnian Ale. You'll need to get the Karajama Rum through the Banana Plantation, just like in Pirate's Treasure Quest. To get the final item which is the peg leg Ask Longbow Ben at the Rusty Anchor Pub how to get one. He says that when his ship was sunk by a rival pirate, it was lost his precious golden peg leg. If you can get it back from him, he'll give you his regular peg leg. His ship was sinking close to the fishing platform therefore, go there.

It is essential to have runescape gold 2007 a Fishing Rod with you! Once you've reached the Fishing Platform then head over to the most southern fishing area and throw your line. After you have caught a few fish, you will find Longbow Ben's golden peg leg. Bring it back to him, and he'll provide you with his peg leg. Bring the entire collection back to Stan, the trader Stan and he'll tell you to finish one more task. You must take out the Sea Serpent that sank a ship carrying 1/2 of his trade supplies.