After buying a sex doll, please take care of your sex doll. Although the realistic sex doll is not a real person, she looks exactly like a real person. At the same time, she is expensive, so if you want to use your sex doll for a long time, then Please protect her. One of the most vulnerable reasons for sex dolls is to subject them to hard, dry shocks. Therefore, we recommend that you use lubricants as much as possible when using sex dolls.

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Many friends will think that silicone or TPE such as sex dolls will be damaged by lubricants. Here, I can tell you very responsibly that lubricants will not cause sex dolls to cause damage. For cheaper models, it is also important not to infiltrate inappropriate electricity now. In the worst case, TPE Sex doll, if the floor of your doll is scratched or shrunk, it is very useful to use glue TPE to seal her back to her specific shape.

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After we use the sex doll, we must remember to clean it in time, which is not only conducive to the protection of our sex doll, but also makes your body healthier. When cleaning, choose to use warm soapy water to clean. Warm water protects Silicone Love Doll more effectively. Soapy water can make your sex dolls cleaner. Don’t be afraid that soapy water will harm sex dolls. I can ask You promise to wash your sex doll with soap and water.

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After a period of time, the sex doll will inevitably be stained with some stains, dust, etc. At this time, you need to wash the whole body. Do not feel disgusted with something. This is necessary. The whole body washing can change your sex doll. It was cleaner, and at the same time protected the little sex doll. Believe me, you will fall in love with the whole body washing process. It feels like taking a bath with your girlfriend. It’s really great.

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After cleaning, you must use a towel to wipe your black sex doll clean to make him perfect. In order to make your sex doll live longer, you can apply a layer of protective oil to the sex doll after wiping off the water, or a talcum powder for your baby. If you do this every time, then your doll The lifespan can be extended by at least 2-3 years, and the doll will smell more fragrant.