It was simply a case being bored by the WOW Classic TBC Gold overall game, I never got very far I didn't have even the ability to play with any characters at all. I was not feeling any passion in the game.

One day , I decided to create a paladin for fun, akin to Uther. I was leveling up until I think level 5, and was about to leave when I received a random guild invite. It was to be a RP guild.

I was unclear, but joined the guild anyway.

You must be aware that I had absolutely no knowledge of WoWRP. I was able to make this clear in the guild chat. However the person inviting me told me that it was okay and could even show me how to go about it.

The person who taught me, stayed for a solid two days, giving me a lesson in RP as well as some basic information about lore, and much more. They also helped me level my character up so I could be more efficient in my play (By transmogs and other such).

This person has taught me much about a specific aspect of the game that I was unfamiliar with and is the primary reason I'm here today.

In hindsight, I recognize that the guild to which I was invited to wasn't the most ideal for roleplay.

The GM was a bit of a drama queen. god-emoting was not atypical, and the stories were extremely edgy...

They were friendly and genuine. They understood that I was a novice and helped me through each step of the way.

It was 7 years ago. The guild has ceased to exist And to be honest, I can only vaguely remember the names of the players (I am bad at names in general, personal flaw, can only remember that the group that invited me to join had the word "rose" in their name. ).

I was getting into the buy WOW TBC Gold game and tried becoming an GM for my own RP guild (lasted for about 3 months, not bad at all. The guild is still on an Alt.