Here are ten easy ways you can effectively use to avoid plastic consumption. Some of these ways will definitely challenge you to change your comfortable lifestyle, but unlike what people say, ignorance is not bliss.

1. Avoid Using Plastic Straws

Did you know that we use, on average, more than 500 million plastic straws every single day? This typically leads to hazardous waste collection in the landfills where such waste is dumped. However, if you start avoiding and denying to play your part in a plastic-free environment, simply say no. Single-use straws are often bagged readily along with your junk food without you having to even ask them for the same.

Therefore, you are the one who needs to put your foot down and go out of your own way to ask them not to put plastic straws. Alternatively, you can carry environmentally-friendly straws that are made of a variety of materials. The most common ones being steel and wood. It is practical and additionally, it also does not take too much space.

2. Always Carry  An Eco-Friendly Bag With You

It is always advisable to use reusable eco-friendly carry bags for your everyday grocery shopping and occasional shopping at the malls. Even though a bag made out of bamboo or jute is more expensive than non-biodegradable plastic, you will get your money’s worth since they do not wear out easily and have a much longer lifespan than plastic bags. Just keep these available on the backseat of your car and use them whenever required.

Also, if you forget to carry an eco-friendly bag with you, try to stuff your bought items in your pockets or simply carry the same in your hands as much as you can.

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