Technology is ever-evolving. Website designs are also subject to change. Design and features that once looked modern may now look tired, overused, and outdated. You do not want people to not visit your website because it looks outdated or ignores the modern web standards.


Why is Web Design Important?


  1. It sets the first impression

When the audience visits your website, their first impression of the business gets formed. In the first few seconds, they will have an idea of your business. Make sure it is a positive one. In case the website is outdated and not able to make the expected impact, the users are going to have a negative impression of your business.


  1. It helps your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy

Web design influences how you publish the content on your website. This in turn will affect how the search engine crawls and indexes your website. Therefore, your on-page SEO needs careful consideration. Apart from how the content gets published, certain web design elements can affect SEO. In other words, your code for the web design should be SEO-friendly.


  1. Makes better impression of the customer service

Your website’s web design is the digital face of your business. The website itself is a customer service representative. You should make your website bright and modern and inviting to make your audience feel welcome. It gives off the impression that your business is open to welcoming new people who visit your website.


However, if your website is outdated it makes your business look unappealing. People would not want to spend their time checking out a business that does not appeal to their sense and first impression. 


  1. Gain the trust of your audience

People usually do not prefer poorly designed websites. A poor design may make your site look inauthentic. 


For instance, let’s say a person wants to place a bulk order in a manufacturing company. This means they are spending a lot of money. Therefore, if your manufacturing website design does not convey trust and authenticity, they will seek out another business to fulfill their order. It helps you to capture those leads.


  1. Your Competitors are already doing it

Your competitors are already profiting from unique web designs. Therefore, if you want to compete with them, make sure to use unique web design services.  


  1. Maintain Consistency

Online web designs help create consistency across your page. If your web design is not consistent, people will go for another that is. Additionally, a consistent web design will earn more leads and conversions down the line when you redesign your site for this key element.




  1. White Space

Minimalism is the new trend. White space allows visitors to move through your website seamlessly. Flowing from one topic to the other creates a visual hierarchy. Additionally, there is no distraction. The white design also rests the eyes of the user. It also makes the relationship between the elements on the website comprehensive. 


White space allows viewers to identify the hierarchy of your site. Therefore, use white spaces on the most important pages where the information gets displayed. Additionally, it will improve your site’s user experience. 


Example: Myles Nugyen’s digital portfolio as a web designer 


  1. Retro Fonts


Old trends have started to make a comeback again. For instance, retro fonts. Vintage typography did not fare well in the last decade. However, throwback typography has experienced a resurgence. Instead of seeing the same tired fonts, we now get to see stylization. 


Artistry has reimagined what retro fonts should look like now. For instance, this merging of old and new styles is visible in Spotify’s Carnival promotional page.


They breathe new life into the traditional bold fonts by experimenting. This is a good example of how to take traditional fonts and give them a cool and modern spin, while also maintaining legibility.


  1. Full Page Headers


Full-page headers have modernized the web design in 2021. Web designers can implement header variations. However, a popular setup shows key texts or call-to-action (CTA) buttons. These buttons are on the left of the header. Additionally, they also display eye-catching images on the right.


This is designed in such a way because readers tend to focus most of their attention on the top-left of the page. For instance, Discord’s website provides a voice and text chat app for gamers.


  1. Parallax Scroll Animations

Web design trends have seen parallax scroll effects rank among the top spots for years. 2021 calls for some subtle and creative explorations of what designers can accomplish with parallax. It creates an illusion of depth. For instance, Mooi has a parallax effect on display on their homepage.


  1. Playful cursors

Modern websites often feature cursors that make viewing pages a new experience. For instance, just change the cursor shape or make it as complex as coding cursor-triggered animations. Either way, your visitors will have a great time engaging with unique cursors. Paolo Fornaiser’s website has such a playful cursor.


  1. Dynamic Scrolling

Another popular design is dynamic scrolling. For instance, it sets different scrolling speeds for the foreground of the site. This gives the website a 3-D effect. Crypton’s site has such a design that will make your visit to the site a unique experience.


  1. Multimedia Experience


With having access to faster internet speeds multimedia web experiences are popping up everywhere. They bring together visuals, text, video, and audio. This makes for a rich user experience. 

Successful designs in 2021 will use constraint with multimedia experiences:


  • Firstly, they will prioritize simplicity, like when combining motion and audio. Too much can distract the visitors. Additionally, it may overwhelm people with cognitive disorders.
  • Secondly, use different media formats to maximize the accessibility of content.
  • Thirdly, Include closed captioning and transcripts for all multimedia.
  • Fourthly, include alt text messages with longer descriptive text.
  • Fifthly, all text must get made with HTML rather than rendered inside images
  • Last but not the least, avoid auto-play of video and motion content.u


For instance, Nicolas Errera gives the option of playback controls for a background video. You can play or pause it as per your wish.


It is always exciting to see how web design evolves. Web designs that are bright and eye-catching with animations and a user-friendly interface are becoming more and more popular. So, it will not be a surprise to see more of these in the upcoming months as well.