I have 21 levels of magic and was advised to RuneScape Gold use Firestrike. I was curious though.. on what should I be training? How can I find suitable monsters to my training level? The second question. While I'm training for magic, is it possible/feasible to work on another ability at the same time? It seems that my hitpoints as well as defense seem to increase while fighting. Do you know of any other skills I could be acquiring?

I'd love to have the ability to play pvp. What are the skills that magicians require? One last question.. how important is my armour when killing monsters or pvping? Do I need to consider investing in better armor while I'm training or when I get my skills maxed out?

Utilize curse on the zammy mage in varrock palace cos he absorb the att so u can repeat it again. Use curse spells to weaken your HP/def. It is not an attack, it's a spell. If you do decide to use att, always train hp but dont train def as it is more time-consuming to mage to lvl up. Also, range and mage all increase the hp.

You will need to have high str and def (since rangers are able to take you down) as well as high att to play PVP minigames. The combat related ones are for if u are fighting rangers. A staff is as important as armor. If you're f2p the wizzy top and bottom, monks robe base any boots or gloves, or any other essential staff. If ure p2p u cant really do more than that cos at 40 mage + 20 u can wear mystic armour.at 40 mage + def u get to wear splitbark.Although i think u kan wear enchanted robes.

This is because I'm poor. In the end, I've spent about 600-700k+ in pages for my Zammy Book, now i'm sitting on 1.2M. Notable is also my dad's annoyingly slow attention span. If I try to buy 10K water-filled vials for Buy RS 3 Gold 900K Profit I'll get 1K vials at Adrougne General Store. Then, when bored, I'll sell them at Grand Exchange.