Players must achieve "My Point" Cheap MT 2K22 experience points through doing tasks, playing professional games, street basketball games, and so on., and thereby increase the character limit. It is simple, no matter your character's abilities have been elevated to the highest levels, you need to get "My Point" experiences by playing constantly to make your characters elite NBA players. .

The character's ability will be diminished to 60 points on average at the start of the game. In college, play in the G-League, or directly join the NBA?

Once they have officially entered the "My Career" mode, players are presented with the choice of "enter the university to be a participant in the league", "participate in the G-League" or "participate in the NBA draft." Participation in the NBA is a requirement that a player cannot be accepted to another school to play in the G-League. If the player decides to keep participating in the NBA it is not possible to return to college football.

If you choose a university then you can select from any of the three options. If a player is seeking to build the most experience or to test their character, they should choose to participate in the college league in the beginning, then move to the G-League and finally the NBA. Furthermore, if you triumph in the college championship it will also mean that the athlete earn an additional badge, but also a new.

This will make sure 2K22 MT Buy that the character is suitable for the NBA draft's first round. The character will be capable of joining a more powerful team and earn a better salary (VC Coin). It will also have an increased chance of being in playoffs and winning the championship. As long as they succeed in dominating the university or G-League in the G-League, they will gain additional abilities.