Butler averaged 21.5 points, 6.9 NBA MT Coins boards, and 7.1 assists per game. George had similar numbers, with an average of 23.3 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 5.2 assists. There is no reason why George is the Clippers leading player, shouldn't be rated as high as Jimmy Butler.

As for Reggie "Mr. Reggie "Mr. Jackson averaged 17.8 points per game and helped keep the Clippers playoff boat in great condition, draining 48.4 % of his field goals, and 40.8 % of his threes.

His buckets weren't only large-scale shots, but also hard shots that contributed to the Clippers triumph. 80 seems like an underwhelming number for someone who put on a great spectacle to NBA fans.

Although George and Jackson received the most attention The Clippers ratings were closer to my expectations - though they were lower than I was expecting. This is the way they ranked.If you browse the internet, you're bound to find several "best MyCareer build" lists. These lists are excellent, but you should think about your ideal character play and then build your character to match. You're unlikely to be competing against the top players in The City if you don't think about it.

Personally, we prefer playing a tough defense (blocks seem to be overpowered to us so far) and getting our players set up and even making a three when defenses sag off. This might not be the best fit for you. Take a look at our editor to find something you enjoy. It'll be more enjoyable that way.

The biggest issue with Buy NBA 2K Coins MyCareer is that the majority of players can't perceive the floor in a way that's good enough to get an "B" or better teammate rating. Since you're a low-rated player (unless you invest some money to purchase Virtual Currency), you're only going to have a few minutes.