Step 1: Click on Tools ---> show me on google docs

Step 2: Next, select word counter.

Step 3: A new tab will appear. Here you will see information such as:

- Pages: Number of pages

- Words: Number of words in the text.

- Characters: Number of letters.

With just this simple operation, you already know how many letters, words, or pages of the text you have just composed.

Similar to Google Docs, Google Sheets is also used by many people to create online spreadsheets, counting words on Google Sheets is also done simply, if you do not know, refer to how to count words on Google Sheets here

To edit documents quickly, save working time, you should also learn the keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs. Of course, you are not required to memorize all the keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs, but just need to understand the basic keyboard shortcuts to be able to manipulate easily when using this tool.