What to choose: a hoverboard or a monowheel?

Simple general conclusions can be drawn from the above comparison. A segways for sale is better than a monowheel if you need easy-to-use transport for smooth roads or good weather. For example, if you plan to ride in the park once a week. A monowheel, on the other hand, can be used as transport for every day, but you will have to tinker with its development.

How to choose a gyro scooter?

The procedure for choosing a gyro scooter is actually very simple:

  • Decide what you need (efficiency, power, comfort);
  • Based on these requirements, select a manufacturer;
  • Take a look at the models of this manufacturer, and we are sure: you will find the mini-segway that suits you!

We also advise you to read a unique and amazing article about how the gyro scooter appeared, which tells about the history of its origin and much more. 

These two reasons were enough for the segway - in the form in which it originally appeared on the market - remained just an exotic toy. But the gyro scooter has achieved noticeably great success. Its designers just took a segway and "chopped off all unnecessary". The bulky steering wheel has disappeared, the dimensions and cost have decreased several times ... With this, it is already "possible to live".


Both vehicles are quite reliable, but the monowheel is also protected from moisture. It is strongly discouraged to use a gyro scooter in wet weather, but on a monowheel, segway and kart, it is quite possible to go straight through the puddles (of course, not too deep, otherwise you will simply "drown"). By the way, I advise you to read the article about riding a gyro scooter and electric unicycle in the rain. Where are all the recommendations and advice written under what conditions you can ride, and under what conditions you can not do it?