Music boxes can make star mining much more fun for RuneScape gold me and my buddies. There are some extremely uncommon treasure hunter products that I still want like the divination outfit, but I won't purchase spins.

Concerning the spinny rewards Mod Mark stated that he was not satisfied with the silverhawk boots that was a clear in-game benefit. It's boring to wander around without any ability to move. They'll be trying to remain in the spirit of the game and not produce more.

Someone has mentioned that they are a completionist. I don't think that anyone can finish all of the releases unless they put money into spinning and/or uberloaded in games. It is also possible to purchase bonds in game for spins, w/e or just get very lucky spinning. We're lucky to cheap OSRS gold learn that it's pretty much impossible to achieve today, especially when rares are so high-priced.