Animal Crossing has been operating in the game field for 20 years and has become a global phenomenon. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has acquired an iconic status due to its amiable villagers and healthy nature of the game. ACItems is holding a discount event, this is the best time to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. In the game, players and villagers spent a lot of good time together, the following are the five most popular villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

5. Merengue
Merengue is famous for its unique appearance. Merengue may be the best food-related villager in Animal Crossing. Every time they visit her cafe-themed house, she will bake some delicious things for players.

4. Stitches
Stitches have been given a new look after becoming stuffed animals in the previous Animal Crossing villages. They are one of ACHN's most iconic villagers and they look cute. There is a mysterious element in them, which makes them more unique than anyone else.

3. Marshal
This villager may seem strange at first glance, but he has successfully become a fan favorite in Animal Crossing. He may seem to be a very laid-back character who doesn't care about anything, but the player knows that he is indeed an amiable character. He is one of the coolest characters, and players will deliberately look for him when playing the game.

2. Bob
Many theories suggest that Bob may be the first Animal Crossing character created by the developer. Bob’s personality sets him apart and he is also one of the most popular characters among fans of Animal Crossing.

In fact, his personality has also become the object of online memes! This elevated his position in the fandom of Animal Crossing.

1. Lucky dog
If we judge a character based on personality and health, then Lucky the dog will obviously be among the best. This character was covered with an unknown wounded bandage and received a new Halloween appearance during the festive season.

Fans love this cute dog in the game, which makes Lucky the best villager in the game. 

The five most popular villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which one is your favorite? You can tell me in the comments. If you are preparing for the new update, go website to buy Animal Crossing Bells can help you.