In theory, since offensive OSRS GP bonuses no longer come from armor If I'm a safespotting mage/archer, wearing inferior armor shouldn't put me in any disadvantage compared to someone wearing the best possible armor. Are you sure?

Although this isn't an armor question spiders are able to easily be crushed. How can I determine their weaknesses with other weapons? How do i tell which spell element is best suited to combating them, or what kind of ammunition I should use? or should I forget completely about trying to use anything besides melee against them?

I've heard that a lot of weapons are now balanced. Do you think this applies to armor as well? AKA What if I am able use chain mail to crushing opponent without losing my defensive bonuses? As well as square shields, medium helms have been updated to make them more viable. I must admit the new update is hugely confusing and I'm still trying to understand the basics. I'd appreciate any help. We appreciate any help you can provide.

While the Evolution of Combat update burns down on players of Runescape, one of the battle cry that are heard is "Adapt or die!". EoC supporters are fondly convinced that adaptation to changes is a positive thing.

People are thinkers and toolmakers. They are able to adapt their environment to suit their own needs. Talk it out if that environment is populated by other people. The act of adjusting to the views of another person is referred to as being a sheep. You get slaughtered.

These are the indicators of intelligence Focus and flexibility. Jagex isn't both. It's inflexible about how it has been rammning updates through, and its focus is on dollars not people. Jagex's style of communication is the problem. The core of the problem is the Runescape forums. Forums are where Jagex and players can talk and start getting Runescape rolling once more.

Jagex thinks that Runescape's OSRS gold survival will be assured by its ability to adapt itself to emulate the other MMOs. A variation on the old saying "adapt or die. The truth is that Jmods are limited to how and who they communicate with. It's all about time. They are able to only speak to a few people a day. If they have any of them, the majority of Jmods will only be able to talk to a few players. These relationships will be established over time, and basically they'll be "Yes!" groups that follow the Jmod recommends. Fmods (some disguised Jmods) remove any dissent from forums.