Through the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct presentation on the 15th of this month, we know that the free 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is scheduled to be released on November 5th. It not only brings many familiar faces but also introduces some brand new features. This makes fans excited because this is the first major update of the game since its launch in March 2020. ACItems provides some discount, you can buy Cheap ACNH Items now.

1. Brewster and The Roost
With Brewster's return, players can be happy about what they have been hoping to see added to New Horizons since its release in March last year. The impressive pigeon barista will open his cafe The Roost in the museum on the island, so that not only players, tourists, and villagers can taste his delicious coffee. 

Due to Brewster's original personality, the appearance of Brewster will allow players to establish friendship with him over time, while still being able to relax in a comfortable new environment. In addition, there is also an Amiibo cards station in the cafe, allowing players to invite their favorite Animal Crossing characters to have a drink with them.

2. The return of Kapp'n
A green turtle (or kappa in the Japanese version of the game), Kapp'n is a sailor and driver who will make his debut on New Horizons, taking players to remote islands. There they can find unique flora and fauna, experience different places with different climates.

This return eliminates one of the huge differences between New Leaf and New Horizons, allowing players to visit a wider variety of islands while interacting with Kapp'n, instead of using Nook Miles tickets, Kapp'n's hobby for sea huts is always interesting.

3. Ceiling lights and pendants
The almost unlimited number of house decoration methods in New Horizons has become larger, and the update adds items that can be hung directly on the ceiling, including shelves and various light fixtures.

This ability allows players to truly maximize the space of any given room in their house and allows for more great indoor innovations. Coupled with another updated feature that allows players to decorate the single-sided wall of the room as a feature wall, the game players can fully enjoy everything that New Horizons provides.

4. Add Storage and ATMs
One problem that many people encounter when performing daily tasks in New Horizons is finding a place to put everything. Although the character's pockets and home storage space are quite large, having to run home to put things down can be frustrating. This update gives players the opportunity to purchase a storage shed, which can be placed almost anywhere outside and connected to the storage space at home.

In addition to this feature that simplifies the placement and retrieval of storage items, an update to the size of the home storage space has also been announced, and the new maximum number of items stored is now 5,000. Similarly,  ATMs for external use have been added to the island, which means that depositing or withdrawing Bells no longer need to go to the Resident Services. 

What do you think of the new faces and new features above? tell me in the comments. Now is a good time to buy ACNH Items For Sale at the ACItems store, you can enjoy discounts. Welcome you anytime!