Gmail is the most trustworthy and the most used source by millions of users all across the globe and any issues with a Gmail account can put your working life on hold. Recovering a Gmail account needs effort and time but now with the help of some quick and easy steps you can recover the account anytime and anywhere, all you need to follow are the steps mentioned below if you wish to recover the Google account without a phone number and recovery email:-

First of all go to the Gmail account

Then add your credentials like Gmail id and the password

Now click on forgot password followed by entering the last password you remember

You will be now directed to the page for recovering the Gmail account

You will get few methods for recovering the account out of which choose recovering of account using the security questions

Now answer the set of security questions that you have set at the time of creating the account

Answer the questions perfectly

Now you will get an option to change the account password

Add the new and the strong password

Re-enter the password and save all the changes you have made

You can recover Gmail password without phone number and recovery email using the option of security questions and by following the steps mentioned above but at any point of facing any issues then never hesitate to get connected with the dedicated and knowledgeable professionals specially designed to rectify your all the specific issues and dedicated to providing you resolution in a fixed stipulated period of time without any delay.

Our technical Support agent is always available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week even in a pandemic situation to offer you the most dedicated, trustworthy and reliable solutions of all the time which other teams may not be able to offer you.