Whatever your level of experience with Diablo 2 is, it is beneficial to (re)discover many tips and advice in order to take your first steps more easily into this new edition of the classic game. Here's a guide to good habits, how to equip yourself, how to deal with bosses, and which class to play in a game of chess.

For those who are new to the Diablo series, one of the game's advantages is that the initial handling is almost instantaneous, even for those who are experienced in the genre. The first enemies are pitiful, and the game mechanics are straightforward; after that, things get difficult. The following are some things to keep in mind before starting your adventure, as well as if you find yourself stuck somewhere along the way.











Before you begin, Diablo 2 Resurrected Items XboX is critical that you select the game mode in which you will be creating your character. If you create a single-player character, you will never be able to join a game where other people are playing. Unless your connection or the paid online services on your console prevent you from doing so, it is best to choose the Multiplayer / Ladder option because you can play alone with a Multiplayer / Ladder character very well.

Which build and which class should you choose?
Unless you have severe time constraints or the insane ambition to level up to level 99, there isn't much to be concerned about in terms of leveling up. diablo 2 resurrected items for sale is a game in which a great deal of the enjoyment is derived from taking on different classes, each of which has its own advantages. Also, because each of them can be played in a variety of ways, buy D2R items's difficult to generalize and tell you that a character will always behave in a certain way in a particular situation. Let's just say that melee classes are more difficult and dangerous to play than ranged classes because you are more vulnerable to enemy attacks. Moreover, you must pay closer attention to the characteristics of your equipment, whereas spellcasters are generally content to be able to accumulate bonuses of defensive skills and stats before attacking enemies from a distance while hiding in a safe haven. With the advent of large-screen televisions, it has become even more convenient. Except when playing traps, D2R Items Switch's probably best to stay away from the Assassin (unless you're playing traps), the Amazon, and especially the Barbarian unless you're sure what you're doing. If you want more information, you can read these two articles where we go into greater detail.



As for the build, once again, it is dependent on a variety of factors; however, if you simply wish to play the game in Normal mode, you need not be concerned. However, if you want to participate in PvP or become an Uber Boss, you'll have to think twice. You can learn more about some of the most popular and powerful builds by reading our dedicated guides. A quick note on the game's very first quest, Den of Evil, which grants you a free skill reset once per difficulty setting at Akarat is worth mentioning. In order to use D2R Items PC later, for example when arriving in Nightmare or Hell mode, it is preferable to keep it under the elbow until you have tested the gameplay of the game and your class, as well as its capabilities, before removing it from the elbow.

In any case, allocate the maximum number of points possible to at least one attack skill that you intend to use repeatedly, as well as to skills that will increase its power (and which are also useful, if possible). Depending on your class, you should allocate at least one point to utility skills such as Teleportation, Golem, and others.

Qualities are a collection of characteristics that describe a person.
For new players, the fact that they must distribute their attribute points on each level by themselves is probably the most intimidating aspect of the game. Here is a brief explanation of the effect of each attribute, as well as information on how to distribute the attributes.

Stronger pieces of armor, which are more protective as a result of your strength, are more easily worn. It's also necessary to have some weapons equipped. Additionally, melee-only damage is increased. At the very least, all classes require a small amount of Strength to equip their weapons and armor. Melee classes, such as the Barbarian, are particularly in need of it. If you find the right items, we recommend that you adjust your Strength score to reflect that.

Dexterity is a factor in determining your chances of hitting an enemy as well as your chances of being hit. It is also a necessary attribute when using certain weapons, particularly when operating from a distance. This will also have an impact on your chance to block with a shield (aim for a 75% chance of blocking). It becomes a critical characteristic for all classes that employ normal, melee or ranged attacks; in this case, aim for a 95% chance of hitting an enemy with the same level as you.

Vitality: Increases the length of time your character has left to live. Due to the fact that you have very little starting health, this is generally considered to be the best attribute in the game, and it will improve your survival significantly more than defense. As a result, regardless of your class or build, it is recommended that you invest as many points as possible here.

Increasing your character's mana supply is made possible by energy. It can be useful to spellcasters early in the game, before they have access to a large number of potions and items, but this attribute is generally avoided, or at least avoided to a significant degree.

Bottom Line: You'll need enough Strength to carry your gear, a fair amount of Dexterity if you're fighting in melee or using your weapons from a distance, and as much Vitality as you can get your hands on. Do not put or only a few points in the Energy category.

The sun's rays
Some of the dungeons are extremely dark, which is a significant difference between this game and many other modern hack and slash games. The enemies and the surrounding scenery will be obscured by the darkness that will be only a few feet away from you. The Circle of Light affix on the equipment will allow you to see further into the distance. Certain elements, such as the presence of braziers and, most importantly, your fate, will also provide you with information. Throwing a burst of fire or something similar in one direction can assist you in locating your location. Sound can also be a valuable ally, as it can aid you in determining whether or not enemies are nearby.

Potions and the Tome of the City Portal
There are no cooldown potions in Diablo 2, so you will have to pick up the potions that you find on the ground, and especially those that you purchase from the merchant, and then place them in your belt. Also, you can keep it in your inventory for bosses, but it won't be a luxury to have it there. You should store any leftover potions in your vault in preparation for the bosses' return..

Your choice of potions will be determined by your class, but having a large number of health and mana potions, as well as a few stamina potions, is usually a wise choice at the start of the game. Later on, you can forget about stamina potions and instead focus on rejuvenation potions and antidotes.

When you have a small amount of gold, purchase a Tome de Porte de Ville, which will assist you in returning to the camp more quickly. Please keep in mind that it is necessary to fill it with return-to-city parchemins and that each use necessitates the consumption of one parchemin. When you're trying to get away from a boss in order to make a bunch of potions, don't worry about getting scared.

Tome and identification scrolls, as well as Deckard Cain in particular
Another element that is unique to the series is the requirement to identify the magical objects that have been discovered in order to benefit from their effects and to decide what to do with them once they have been identified. While still in town, it is a good idea to purchase an Identification Tome as well as Identification Scrolls from the merchant at the camp during the first few hours of play. The cost of this will put a strain on your limited gold reserves at the start of the game, but don't worry, as you progress further into the story, you will be able to free Deckard Cain. Then you can simply speak with him and he will identify all of your objects for you at no cost. Don't be afraid to sell the Tome of Identification, or better yet, store it in the shared tab of your chest for use by your next avatar.