The need for Pregnancy Clothes in the 21st Century and where to get them from?

The stigma in the Indian Society that the females must hide their baby bumps and pregnant bodies with a piece of cloth has prevailed for a long time. Initially, women were supposed to stay in their homes to avoid the gazing eyes of strangers and even friends. But a lot has changed in the past couple of years and people are beginning to understand that it is not wrong to go out during pregnancy. But one thing that has been debated about ever since the beginning is, do women need special pregnancy clothes?  

Why do women need pregnancy clothes?  

Indian women had been wearing the traditional salwar kameez and sarees for a long time. But only women knew how uncomfortable those clothes can be during pregnancy. Not to mention the changes the body undergoes during the nine months. The psychological changes the body undergoes are undeniably hard to manage. In such a situation, when her life is already so complicated and filled with stress, at least her clothes should not disappoint her. The breathable and soft fabric will help them to relax a tad more. The pregnancy clothes must be stretchable and flexible to provide her with freedom of movement. All should be taken care of in this tough time.  

Isn’t this a waste of money?  

Now the question that goes in everyone’s head is that is not the money spent on buying pregnancy clothes a waste? To answer that question in one word: ‘NO’. Now, to elaborate on the answer, it is not a waste because the material used for making the pregnancy clothes is stretchable. So, these clothes can easily be worn post-pregnancy. They fit people of all sizes and weight.  

Where to buy the pregnancy clothes from?  

You can check out these two sites- 


ChicMomz is started by two sisters after they realized the need for comfortable yet stylish pregnancy clothes. Having gone from the same journey as millions of mothers around the world, they understood the importance of clothing during pregnancy. Now, seeing that the mothers are one of the most important classes of the country yet how badly they are ignored in the toughest times of their life, they decided to start ChicMomz. They offer the best of fashion wear with several designs curated according to the needs and demands of the women. Just like the journey of the two sisters in creating this chic brand, they want your journey of nine months to be filled with happiness, beautiful memories, and comfort. 


Founded by Divya and her childhood friend, MOMZJOY aims at providing maternity clothes that provide them comfort during pregnancy and fit them post-pregnancy. There are concealed zippers so that mothers can easily breastfeed their children. The pregnancy clothes are made to flatter the curves and the baby bumps. They do not want mothers to be the slightest bit uncomfortable in their own bodies because of the increase in weight. So, their carefully curated designs work in that respect.  

We hope you found this article informative and helpful for you to make up your mind regarding pregnancy clothes.