The initial Replica Urwerk UR-110 Bakelite watches , the last one


Ten years ago, Urwerk introduced the UR-110, that revolutionized the watch industry. This is actually the evolution of the brand’s famous satellite time display program. But now, 10 years after the launch, it is time to launch the last Urwerk UR-110, which will be auctioned on October 15th and also the proceeds will be used to support the actual Swiss Red Cross.


In 2011, URWERK received the " Best Design" award for its UR-110. The brand new Urwerk UR-110 Bakelite.


UR-110 has had a substantial influence over the years, not only gained a large number of fans, GPHG Greatest Design Award, and even used on Tony Stark's hand. For the new generation associated with independent timepieces, this is a extremely important model-a new type of highly advanced timekeeping display, a micro-mechanical arm equipped with a fixed satellite television, and the minutes are go through from a fixed minute orbit. Over the years, UR-110 has used a full set of materials, each retro and futuristic. This particular version is likely to be the first time this particular watch uses both components; bakelite. Urwerk founder Felix Baumgartner explained: " Bakelite is one of the earliest high-tech supplies developed in history. Its attributes were and still are several and revolutionary. Insulation as well as heat resistance, it is available in all daily necessities during the time. From the glasses frame towards the radio". This pioneering thermosetting plastic is wear-resistant and it is made from a combination of phenol and also formaldehyde, originally derived from fossil fuel tar and wood alcoholic beverages. It is also a material has a long history in watches and is noted for the early bezels used in Rolex GMT-Masters. The bezel of the Urwerk is equally eye catching, adding a surprisingly natural feel to the precision-machined outlines of the final UR-110 actually. cheap Richard mille RM 032


Technical specs

Movement: UR nine. 01 mechanical movement, self-winding, 39-hour power reserve

Functionality: Satellite-style complication, with revolving hour/minute module control panel attached to planetary gear: " day/night" indicator; maintenance interval along with " oil change" security for small seconds

Case: Grade 5 ti, 47 mm x fifty one mm x 16 milimetre, bakelite bezel

Band: black fabric


URWERK X Revolution UR-105 Bronze Warrior


Since the beginning of time, since the emergence regarding Homo erectus, it can be observed from the evidence of the Serengeti Plain that dates back in order to 500, 000 years ago which human beings and his ancestors have experienced amulets, armors, weapons in addition to tools in their personal world They left a decorative imprint on it. Perhaps it is within the use of a sharp tool known as knife to mark the particular surface's return to purity, in order to express the early days, to research the expressive vision buried underneath the subconscious, to respect the god and express An individual's Freud identity, carvings speak out loud most powerfully. replica watches for sale


Because the rise of Swiss the making of watch, engraving has been inseparable through watchmaking craftsmanship. The decoration technique can be as simple since the personalization of the initial notice, or as complicated because the hollowing and filigree method on the case. Guilloché's artwork is to hand-carve huge fantastic dials and use fake patterns in Anglo-Saxon skill and neoclassical architecture. Within the art form of flinqué, chiselling is also celebrated with teeth enamel, including applying translucent enameled surface on the carved surface, or even in champlevé, excavating section of the dial or case and taking advantage of enamel to fill the rest of the voids to create ethereal art work miniature.


Even though I have the greatest respect for your advanced art forms of conventional sculpture, the truth is that many of those crafts belong to a classistic and backward world. On the other hand, I have always hoped to produce a powerful new association with this art form by linking this with today's visual identification and images. I have always wanted to improve the concept of sculpture from some thing gorgeous, decorative and (let us face reality) girly to exaggerated, heartfelt, as well as positively masculine. Through an unintentional encounter on Instagram, I recently found the work of Johnny Dowell aka King Nerd, the former master sculptor from the famous British gun producer Purdey. My whole see of sculpting and its significant potential has changed drastically. cheap men watches


Simply because in Johnny’s work, I realize the same desire, that is, to be able to respect his skills as well as define a new language simultaneously, evoke the world of Japanese manguera, Marvel and DC comics, tattoo images and even fighting techinques movie culture. I saw within him the collision involving two worlds: the world of anti-traditionalists and rebels, and the regarding loyal craftsmen. I knew which i had to transfer his fine art to the canvas of my personal favorite mechanical watch by making a series of Revolution pièce distinctive timepieces with him.


I know that the very first brand we have to work with URWERK is URWERK, because the brand name is intellectually and philosophically consistent with Dowell’s work. Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei created their brand along with exactly the same desire as Dowell, which is to respect their own craftsmanship and advance their particular story at the same time, and market its development by making today's watches for modern audiences. Baumgartner said: " My father is a watchmaker. Their father is a watchmaker. We respect them, but I actually don't want to repeat what they did to you. I see that most brands tend to be content to repeat earlier times. Today 99 % Associated with watches are the miniaturization connected with complication 200 years ago. We would like to create a new kind of complication. We wish to advance horology. We want to restructure the language of time. " When I first met Felix Baumgartner and stared While looking in the attractive flame engine together with his sapphire top cover UR-103. 03, I realized that I had been witnessing a new chapter inside the watch industry. URWERK timepieces use the orbital hour satellite tv system to reveal the passing of time, which passes via a fixed minute orbit at the bottom edge of the case. This system really originated in ancient times. But the final result is completely modern. cheap Zenith Watches


Frei stated: " Although our motivation came from the 17th millennium night clock designed by typically the Campani brothers for Père Alexander VII, the resulting URWERK watch is completely modern and much more inspired by science fictional movies than by the longevity of clocks. We believed Let you take a look at our view and experience the complete change of the way you experience period. " It is in this respect that will URWERK has changed my connection with reading time. Instead of witness to the arbitrary progress in the hands on the dial, I could see a satellite hovering for any moment in a certain pompous posture.


The actual brand's watchmaker Baumgartner mentioned: " Our idea would be to create something powerful, initial and expressive, so the word'UR' in our name means authentic or original. "


Chief designer Frei said: " By eliminating all the pointers, you give in the traditional way of measuring moment. At that moment, you change the idea of time from a practical dimension to something that time offers personal meaning to you. It is going to let you Your mind enters circumstances of religious trance and relaxation, which you will experience inside shaman rituals. " Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico watches


Since the real timekeeping part of the URWERK enjoy is relatively small , it opens up space on the top dish. In many cases, the top of the see is made of sapphire crystal, permitting the owner to witness often the function of the satellite method. But in other cases, the whole top area can be protected with metal to provide a ideal engraved surface. Baumgartner and also Frei have been experimenting with ornamental carvings on this large metallic canvas for a long time. Frei explained: " The first experiment from the UR-105 series of watches had been Tyrannosaurus Rex, where all of us created a unique pattern which is reminiscent of the scales associated with dinosaurs or giant reptiles. "


Baumgartner said: " We such as this effect because it is both historic and modern. This observe looks like a science hype instrument, but it is smothered in the ruins of an old civilization. " The enthusiast apparently agrees with the UR-105 T -Rex's entire creation run was sold out instantly. URWERK continues to experiment with attractive engraving, using the exquisite abilities of the gun engraver Florian Gullert to create last year's Amadeus UR-210, whose situation and bracelet are completely engraved.


Whenever Baumgartner and Frei 1st saw examples of Dowell's function, they were fascinated. Baumgartner claimed: " We like Johnny's prints because, like all of us, he respects his origins, but defines his own dialect. "


Frei said: " His perform has a strong primacy along with truly conforms to the nature of'UR'. At the same time, we such as his reference materials, this individual incorporates popular culture, comics and tattoo references within this cunning way. " For your first collaboration between URWERK and Revolution, Baumgartner in addition to Frei want to work with Ashley Dowell to completely subvert the actual perception of sculpture. cheap Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore


Baumgartner stated: " We fully understand what you need to achieve. People think that designs and carvings must be baroque, gorgeous and lovely, but we want to find a brand new contemporary language that links carvings with today's target audience. "


Frei said: " We wanted to develop a series of engraved watches aimed at power symbols and players. For the first watch produced in exclusive collaboration with Trend, we chose the image of the samurai, and then the image of your dragon. "


Dowell said: " I love these patterns because they are common. Anyone who sees the photographs of samurai and dragons will immediately understand that they may be these huge totem pictures related to power and soldier mentality. When studying how you can render these patterns, My spouse and i I have studied traditional Oriental art, comics and even skin icon art to study how they penetrate all these disciplines. Then I developed images that blend most of these to some extent, and I hope this specific style is unique in the world of making Yes. I also like Felix, Martin, and you for choosing any bronze case for our initial collaboration, because the aging on this material is reminiscent of the particular patina on ancient shield. " cheap watches for sale


Baumgartner said: " We are very satisfied with the outcomes of the first batch regarding watches we collaborated together with. This is a good demonstration of the unlimited creative possibilities associated with our own timepieces. " He additional with a smile, " This really is simply too bad.. "


In 2018, URWERK, Revolution and King Geek will continue to launch a number of unique carving patterns, looking to bring us surprises and pleasure. Our goal is to produce a watch that will explode for your cerebral cortex, crush your own impulse control matrix, and create you full of desire. We are also happy to announce that people will also make a series of this kind of watches for The Hour Cup Singapore.


Erina Tay, owner of The Hours Glass, said: " We have been now living in a world wherever savvy consumers avoid bulk luxury goods. He does not want things that are because ubiquitous as everyone else. Essential customization Tailors are going through such a renaissance. This is why classic watches, each of which is related to other different aging wrist watches, are associated with modern viewers. I applaud what URWERK, Revolution and Johnny did, and I am very happy in which Hour Glass is also Would be the exclusive partner of these designer watches. I am very happy to see exactly how expressive this new form of decoration can connect with modern customers. " High Quality Replica watches