Though America is the most famous baseball-playing nation, many countries play the super game. The drama and the excitement, the culture and the prizes add up to something quite spectacular. We contribute to the frenzy by manufacturing quality mounds, the portable version being so attractive in a DIY world. Choose from 6 sizes. Beginner, Little League, Senior League, and Bullpen present some other alluring choices. Constructed with high-quality materials, the Pitching Mounds for sale indeed spread smiles. 


Do you fancy the softball pitching mound?


Enjoy the great outdoors and get closer to the elements. Unharmed by extremes of weather, baseball dreams come true. Fiberglass is genuinely a faithful ally for the most delicate Pitching Mound.


The cost-effectiveness can well be imagined. Say goodbye to time constraints. Whether the destination is the bullpen, field, or a private backyard, any spot will do. ‘Drag Foot Ditch’ no longer bothers those hectic action-filled sessions. 


Get to know the specifications.


The softball pitching mound costs $849 and weighs 105 lbs. With a width of 36 inches, the length measures 120 inches. The White Rubber Pitching Block measures 4 inches X 18 inches. Choose from the Clay or Green AstroTurf of 60 oz.


Do those details appear justified? Get the best results from the carefully engineered and researched mounds built for the future since 1995.