How to layer appropriately


Whatever season it is, layering is one secret that will help you expand your wardrobe. It plays a significant role in making sure you remain comfortable and look stylish. This is why every man needs to master the art of layering. Layering helps one spend less on clothes since one can create different looks to play with. The secret to good layering is doing it from thin to thick or light to heavy. Otherwise, you will just be looking like a walking balloon. This ensures that the most lightweight, breathable garments are closest to your skin, and the more durable, heavyweight pieces protect you from the elements.Wayrates has different men's clothes to be used as layers, including tactical clothing at affordable rates.Here are tips to help you layer like a pro.

Best layering fabrics

Before you begin layering, it is important to consider the fabric of each garment. Some of the clothes are made from the most common fabrics; cotton, wool, or a blend of the two. The outer layer should be made of synthetic materials to block out cold and moisture. The inner layer should be made out of insulating material to trap body heat to help you remain warm.Make sure you choose fabrics that aren’t irritating your skin to avoid discomfort.For instance, you can opt for tactical jackets that are warm enough to protect you from the cold during outdoor activities.

Best layering colours

Layering is the best way for people to combine different garments with different tones and shaded to create one unified look. For the colour-shy, layering means you can hide the bold hues and patterns under layers, quietening their noise under a neutral or block-coloured topcoat or shirt jacket. As always, put neutrals between pieces of colour, following the rules of colour matching. And don't just go for dark shades. Lighter neutrals are very acceptable, even in winter, and add freshness to the cooler season. Finally, going print-on-print means patterns must be on scale, relative in size and not too busy.

Layering accessories

There are different little things that you can add to your outfit to complement it. Such items include hats, gloves, scarves and many others. Such accessories will not only protect you from the cold but also add style to your overall look. Add a chunky scarf over your tactical sweatshirt and how everyone admires your style.


With that being said, it is time you started layering like a pro. Look for the appropriate layers, and your winter seasons will just feel like a breeze.