Dual Roller Blinds are combination of Sunscreen and Blockout Blinds. Our Dual blinds provide flexibility to  adjust light levels, temperature and vision control during the day time  and full privacy at night. If you can’t decide on which blind to choose,  dual blinds allow you to have the advantages of two different blinds.  Each blind can be used independently or together depending on your  needs. They will be installed by being mounted on the special double brackets.

Of course, if you desire to lessen the times you will need to replace your fabric, you must learn how to take care of the cloth. Washing it is simple, just dip it in a tub full of water and cleaning detergent and you're ready to go. Just make sure you handle it with care. In the end, with a little sense of style and a portion of your savings, you are now sure to replace the fabric of your roller blinds and allow your room to exude the ambience that you desire. Are you having trouble with your shades? The first thing that you need to do is to take out the roller blinds from their rods. You need to do it carefully, unless you want to detach the rod from the wall or allow the fabric to tear in half. After taking it out from its bracket, you need to examine the ratchet or the spring lower the roller blinds. Look for the one with the square pin, not the one with the circular shape.

Since the available space is tiny and would not be reached by a brush, all you have to do is take a pin and start scraping the edges until the accumulations are either smaller in number or have entirely disappeared. After using the pin, it is now time to use a brush. An ideal type to use here is a small paintbrush, as the tip is finer and would fit nicely inside the ratchet. Dip the brush in kerosene, an ideal cleaning agent for this type of scenario and begin to clean the insides in order to make it shinier be disastrous; your ratchet's interior part would turn gooey, making the raising and the lowering of blinds harder than when it is not sticky. There are times when even the most meticulous of cleaning is not enough to make certain objects work. In this case, you need to get a hold of a specialist to fix the Roller Blinds Auckland.