How to get the perfect winter coat for men


When it comes to coats, there is no specific winter coat for all men to wear. You just have to look for a coat that will match your personality and style, suit the activities you will carry out, and be designed in the best material. Getting a coat that serves all those functions seems complicated, but it isn't as hard as you think. You have to consider activities that you will be carrying out while wearing the coat. This means a coat that you wear for hiking won’t be the same that you wear to a special occasion such as a wedding. There are endless options of coats available at Wayrates to suit different activities. Below are various factors to consider to get a coat that is perfect for you.

  1. Material

The key factor to consider when buying any clothes is the material. Coats aren’t exceptional.  When it is too cold, you want a coat that will block the right amount of cold and provide warmth. If you choose a coat that is not too warm, you will end up shivering.  Also, avoid picking one that is too warm to prevent overheating. Go for men’s tactical jackets with a synthetic exterior to block out cold and moisture when hiking during the winter. Make sure it has an insulating layer inside to capture the body heat.

  1. Fit

Once you have an idea of what coat you are looking for, it is time to consider the fit of your jacket. The coat that you pick will be determined by how much coverage you want from your coat. Also, the fit will determine if you remain comfortable throughout the day or not. If you are wearing lighter clothes underneath or stay in the cold for a more extended period, opt for longer coats. Such coats will give you both style and comfort. Look for shorter coats when there is less cold or when you need the flexibility to move around.

  1. Style

The next thing to consider is your coat’s overall look.For instance, you can choose to look for your favourite colours, whether bright ones or neutral ones depending on what you prefer.  Make sure the design that you choose suits your personality and style appropriately.


Wayrates has different types of coats, and other types of tactical clothing at affordable rates, and you can choose them based on your style.