What makes it so hard to fire cape osrs automately flytch bolts? Bolts cannot be fletched while running, or performing any other activities. This effectively eliminates the ability of Fletching while you are learning other skills. Fletching was an ability that could be learned through many other skills, without affecting the XP rate. In between attacks, you could flytch and slay. You could run while flying. You could fletch to make the dreadful XP rates for Runecrafting and Agility bearable.

You can no longer flych more than one set (ten bolts or fifteen arrows) in 0.6 seconds. In the past, it was easy to flytch 2 or 3 sets in a game, increasing the XP rate of bolts fletching to over the rate of XP for Magic Longbows.

While one nerf can be bad enough, Bolt's fletching has been hit twice during one update. What is the positive upgrade we get in return The possibility of semi-afk trains? We all want greater efficiency and more effort. What is the reason we pick Sawmill or Teaks over Ivy? Why should those who are more committed to their training be punished? Jagex promotes lazyness.

It's much more effective to develop multiple skills at once rather than just one at a time. If you believe that only one skill should be taught at one time will likely Alch at a bank, and wonder why it is so slow and boring. Or they think that many skills should be trained at once.

It's okay to utilize multiple skills in order to improve your training efficiency, so long as you don't break any rules. Zarfot was once a legend for his skillful training and his 200M Fletching. It is impossible to learn a new ability and then do all the other things. The option of alching is available, but it requires the Standard Spellbook (i.e. no Ourania Teleport and casting is not available in Monkey form) and a slow casting time (MUCH slower XP when compared to Bolt fletching), and osrs inferno cape buy the necessary switch to the Spellbook tab continuously.