The Solution. You might wonder, "How does a union help save the economy?" Here's how we will accomplish it: We'll create trusts just like the merchanting clans did to control a market. This is the way in which the system works. There's a minimum supply of an item. Each item has an initial supply. This equation demonstrates the way that free economics operates.

The clans now have control over the supply. To stop their tactics, we must manage the supply. If we can control the demand of items, prices will almost never increase beyond what they should.

To counter their methods of manipulating prices We must create several anti-price manipulation groups. We will be monitoring the market on a regular basis to identify any items that they use. In order to lessen their impact on the market We will begin to form as efficient a boycott as we possibly can. In the end, with many of these members making less and less their income, they will stop being able to influence prices.

If you are already manipulating prices, read this: This will reduce the amount of money I make! This is indeed true. But, the costs of items and how much you spend won't change. If you purchase items that are less expensive that aren't expensive, you will not need huge sums of money to purchase what you need. This allows the market as well as all players to freely flow, which will make it more accessible. A country that has 100 wealthy people won't survive however, an economy that has 10,000 players will flourish thanks to more businesses.

This is a way to bring back the old economic system. The previous economy was a time when most skilled workers were capable of making a profit regardless of how much they cost. We can use the same boycott strategy I mentioned earlier to lower costs so that skilled workers who have worked hard to achieve these levels will be able earn more than someone who's cut wood for 4 days.

It may seem complicated, but it is feasible. History repeats itself. This is not just in this universe but also in the alternative universe where the majority of us have lived for at the very least, several years. It's also better than having no fluctuation in trade whatsoever. (Jagex tends to make swift decisions when in danger. ie, the wilderness.)

Your questions are appreciated, however I am unable to answer them as quickly as possible. However, I will be more than happy to help. I appreciate your time and encourage you to spread the word about price manipulation and create unions. I'm not able to be active for longer than a couple of minutes these days and therefore, I will not be in a position to lead the fight myself, however, I would like to pass this knowledge to you all.