Since the revenants are currently in RuneScape Gold a strange cave It is possible to relocate the theft of creation. The centre should have the mystic's tent.

But why does Fist of Guthix have to leave? It's in the wilderness of low-level therefore you don't need to carry anything. Teleporting is an option to members. There is a chance that you will get killed, however you will not lose anything. I wouldn't mind, personally.

You know, I'm wondering whether Sir Amik Varze is really a knight. I know that the White Knights (By Guthix they have a better name than the Kinshra) is an organization that is both military and political. In feudal societies (yes, RuneScape does not pay any attention whatsoever to the way countries were run or size of the land... areas are too small...) A knight is at bottom while a monarch is at top, only being defeated by an Emperor.

Amik, if he was in charge of the king's horse surely he would be able to have a peerage such as the Grand Duke? Also that would create Burthorpe an official principality (I'm thinking that the principality is massive and that the town is the capital).

As for the Kinshra the Kinshra: they were relegated to Falador and on mountains (I'm thinking there's a huge mountain range that separates Asgarnia as well as Misthalin and the seems odd to 2007 RS Items have one mountain that is its own) So, I'm guessing that it makes Daquarius an aristocratic.