Keeping your website's online appearance up to date has become increasingly important as the value of social media presence grows. It goes without saying that because Facebook is the most popular social media site, Prestashop store owners must be visible on it. In fact, Facebook is not the only social media platform for you to have your businesses' presence. Hence, we'll talk about the Prestashop addons for social media presence. When you abstain from taking your online business to the social media platforms, you abstain from reaching out to the wider masses who could have converted to probable customers of your online store.

Let's take a look at these Prestashop addons for social media by Knowband that is absolutely a must-have for your eCommerce business. In fact, these Prestashop addons for social media are not the only ones that are there. Further, Knowband features many other options that help you stay connected with social media.

Prestashop addons for social media by Knowband

The Prestashop social loginizer plugin allows the business manager to simply add 14 different social media network buttons to which customers can log in and visitors may join up. The Prestashop module allows the business admin to give a quick and easy option for customers and visitors to join the website. It is the easiest approach to persuade your visitors to register an account on your eCommerce site.

This Prestashop social login plugin is feature-rich and offers various advantages to both you and your customers. For instance, there are few perks mentioned below:

Registration is simple and quick

Your store's sign-ups will rise as a result of the modules

Reduces the bounce rate

Fewer login errors

Enhances mobile conversions

Obtain valid email addresses

Prestashop Facebook Share and Win Discount addon

The PrestaShop share and get discount module is a simple yet beneficial option for your eCommerce store. Furthermore, it allows the admin to display the sharing option on the product pages of the website. In addition, allow the customers to share the products on their Facebook wall with all their friends and followers. Thus, win discount coupons every time they share the products on Facebook. In fact, this is a really functional option to promote the products without actually promoting them. In addition, it helps increase the traffic and sales of the store.

Share with WhatsApp PrestaShop addon

WhatsApp is probably the commonest medium of staying in contact with one another. In fact, you know the worth of the social media platform, you would want your customers engaging on the same. Hence, the Prestashop Share with Whats App Prestashop addon allows the admin to display the WhatsApp icon on the product page. Further, using the icon, the customers can share the product with their family and friends. Once again, it is a great way to promote your products without investing in any kind of marketing gimmick.

Prestashop FB Store Addon

Prestashop FB Store Integration addon connects your online store to your Facebook company profile. The Prestashop Facebook integration has configurable highlights to assist eCommerce marketers in increasing store sales. The Prestashop module allows business owners to showcase their items to a larger social media audience. Furthermore, they may successfully promote their material by using the characteristics of Knowband's Facebook Store plugin. As a result of the power of Prestashop Facebook Store Integration, you can immediately boost conversion rates for your store.


These are the Prestashop addons for social media by Knowband. You can either check them all out at the Knowband store or drop in an email at Last, which one of these Prestashop addons for social media would you like to have for your eCommerce?