The tension of the fans of Dario Argento, director of the film that inspires this "remake" by Luca Guadagnino, could have caused this film to be judged unfairly at the time. Seen a few years later, Suspiria works like a very dignified horror movie. In fact, it has little to do, in thematic and cinematographic terms, with Argento's vision.

After some impeccable credits in pastel colors, Guadagnino quickly shakes off the nitty-gritty: yes, this is a witch story. The protagonists are witches who run a dance academy where a new American woman with bright red hair and mischievous eyes arrives, played by Dakota Johnson. Tilda Swinton, a regular in Italian cinema, leads the coven - and plays another character, to see if you can guess which one -, seconded by some witches who have more of Nicolas Roeg than of the Three Mothers.

Thom Yorke signs the soundtrack, absolutely enjoyable, and Guadagnino shows an eye for horror sequences; special mention for death in the hall of mirrors. Of course, keep your expectations low in the final sequence, in which the director undoubtedly loses his hand with the red filter and fake blood.

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