The mode lacked two very important features, and the required grind component wasn't nearly as enjoyable as it is in other games that have similar modes in their arsenal. Although not every hole has been filled, the addition of MyTeam Draft is a significant step forward for the mode as a whole. This adds a significant layer of protection, ensuring that almost every 2K22 MT Buy experience is not a battle of overpowered cards. When you combine Limited with the improved Seasons concept and a release calendar that appears to be even more jam-packed with content, MyTeam appears to be heading in the right direction. Was it really as bad as so many people in the community seem to think it was? Without a doubt, NBA 2K is a massive game with numerous layers that are often taken for granted because of how far the development team goes to push the envelope each and every year. 


No matter how things turn out, it is still safe to call last year's game a disappointment from a critical standpoint because it fell short of the high standards set. The create-a-player feature has been updated to include some new hairstyles, but the creation suite is still behind MLB the Show and WWE 2K in terms of depth. It would also be nice if we could make changes to the hairstyles and other physical characteristics of existing players. Known as the Cyber Face Mixer, a modder created a tool that allows gamers to mix the features of characters in the game to edit existing players or to create entirely new ones. It would be ideal if there was such an option, as well as a legitimate randomizer feature.


The gameplay in Buy MT 2K22 PS5 is significantly improved over the previous year's title, which is the most important reason for this. The defensive side of the game has seen the most significant change. To put it another way, the defensive artificial intelligence is much smarter, and on-ball defenders have a greater number of tools at their disposal in their attempts to prevent an opponent from scoring. Despite the fact that there are still some issues with the artificial intelligence in a few areas, the defensive gameplay has become significantly better.

When it comes to dribbling, the variety of options, chaining, and skill gap are all impressive. I spoke with an analytical 2K player who shared his thoughts on some of the dribble combinations that are available in the game that many users haven't even realized are available to them. This, combined with some specific content drops for dribble animations promised by executive gameplay producer Mike Wang, suggests that what is already a robust feature has the potential to become even more so over time..

Over the course of four years, the MyCareer experience has become a little monotonous. It has appeared as though your character has been dragged through a slew of lengthy and drawn-out cinematics. It's also been slowed down by in-story grinds on the NBA scene, which have lacked the immersion that comes with playing in real life. Not only does the gameplay feel better in NBA 2K22 as a result of some of the changes I've already mentioned, but your entire experience feels much more like an NBA career, which is exactly how the feature was intended to be played. It is likely that you will have more fun this year than you did last year, even if you do not take your character to The City or any of the other features that are a spinoff of traditional MyCareer.

Can we express our gratitude to the men and women who work to create the courts and environments that surround the PARK? Some of the visuals at parks and events are absolutely breathtaking. However, the games in the PARK are not only exciting because the gameplay is superior, but the experience is also pleasing to the eye because the park has one of the most beautiful artistic designs we have seen in recent years. Speaking of MyCareer's visual excellence, The City is even more densely packed with options and character than before. The City is a game in and of itself, with everything from Go Karts and Ziplines to skateboards, Jake from State Farm, and NPCs with side quests.

NBA 2K22 and its massive City environment are both playable and enjoyable in their first week of release, thanks to fewer launch issues than I can recall in the past. It appears to be a near-perfect piece of execution, especially when you consider that 2K's team added a few features while fine tuning what was already there.2K has finally heard my cries for help on this matter. Previously, in-game injuries were completely removed from the game. While this isn't an issue in other modes such as MyTeam, or even other modes such as Play Now Online, PARK, Pro-Am, or Rec, it was a major issue in MyNBA. The good news is that players can now sustain injuries while participating in games, rather than just in simulations.

Aside from the lack of a stamina effect, one of the most frustrating aspects of NBA 2K20's gameplay was the lack of a defense. In a MyNBA season, you could essentially ride the turbo button like a tamed horse, with no concern for bodily harm or season-long wear and tear. In addition to seeing the long-term effects of overworking players from possession to possession throughout the season, you will notice a noticeable decline in ability when your players are fatigued this season.

Due to some unfortunate bugs that have prevented some of the under-the-hood features from functioning properly over the years, some of the glory associated with MyNBA has been lost over the years. Aside from a few minor and most likely temporary early bugs, everything appears to be functioning as intended. The MySTAFF feature is the most significant new addition to MyNBA. In order to achieve its goal, this feature requires that every level of your organization participates in the success or failure of your team. Incorporating a point of impact for everyone from Shot Doctors to general managers is a clever move on the part of the development team. Overall, I'm giving this a positive rating because I like the concept. It is, however, time-consuming–perhaps even too much for some users. One hardcore franchise guy has already expressed his dissatisfaction with the experience, saying it feels more like a chore. It all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. The execution is already in place.