To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Nintendo has added four new time-limited items to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including a moon rug and some festive foods from Japan, South Korea, and China. ACItems will also have events, you can ACNH Buy Bells.

From now until September 21, 2021, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will be able to decorate their islands with Dango, moon cakes, and Songpyeon, etc. There is also a big moon rug, you can use it to admire the moon in your own home. 

Each item can be ordered from Nook Shopping, priced at thousands of bells, moon rugs are priced at 2,00 bells, and festive foods are priced at 1,100 bells. This is not the only Autumn limited-time item currently available in the game, because players can also purchase a grape harvest basket backpack for 800 bells. 

Animal Crossing: New horizons players have a lot to look forward to because Autumn is quietly entering the northern hemisphere. Not only will everyone’s island be decorated with orange and yellow leaves soon, but there will also be plenty of other exciting activities happening from now to December. 

First is Halloween on October 31, and then Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turkey Day around the end of November. This will bring us well into Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day, which is equivalent to Christmas held on December 24th every year. 

More than half of this year has passed, to find out the time remaining on your island, please feel free to follow the ACItems news list. In addition, if you don't have enough bells for time-limited items, you can always buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells on our website, or buy Animal Crossing Items directly.