Most of my artwork is painted to order on a commission basis, hence it is easily adapted to your individual requirements, for example on a particular canvas size, together with your colour choices. I specialise in abstract art for sale, in essence  original art that is hand painted, to the highest standards. You are paying for a one-of-a-kind piece of art, notably full of texture and character, different from mass produced cheaply printed canvas artwork owned by thousands of people worldwide.

British original art

What style of art is this?

I paint abstract art for sale, original canvas art, bespoke canvas artwork, textured canvas art, specifically in an abstract and expressive style. All art is original art & hand-painted, from my Reading studio in the UK. Subjects are mainly from nature, whether that is an abstract sea painting, a metallic art piece, a contemporary seascape piece or a textured canvas artwork canvas.

British original art

Are these art prints or original abstract art pieces?

All of my canvases are high quality, abstract art for sale and are hand-painted. Specifically delivered direct from the my British Art Studio in Reading, Berkshire in the UK.