SHAREit has been in use for a long time now; it is a digital content platform for android phones, iOS, Windows phones, Windows PC, and MAC devices. The SHAREit app is free of cost and available to download on all major application platforms. If you face any difficulty finding the correct version of the app, download it from the official SHAREit website.

After the app’s release in 2015, today, SHAREit enjoys a whooping 1.8 billion monthly active users globally.It is easy to install and doesn’t require any registration. It doesn’t hinder user piracy, making it highly safe to use. Also, the SHAREit Group has made sure to keep the app free from viruses, and it doesn’t take much space in your device!

Hence, it is best to download SHAREit from legitimate sources to enjoy all these features. For instance, android users can download SHAREit from Google Play store or the official SHAREit Group website.

Unique Features

SHAREit uses the technology of ‘Wi-Fi direct’ to share and transfer files. Bluetooth has pioneered the file-sharing experience, but it is not comparable to the speed at which SHAREit works. Moreover, with incredible features, SHAREit has surpassed its competitors and is still growing.

For instance, you can use this app to watch HD videos that include gaming videos, regional content, comedies, and so much more. You can also use the app’s gaming centre to download mobile games. What separates the gaming centre from other platforms is that it does not require users to log in to download the games.

File-sharing features

SHAREit has fantastic features to offer, one of its best being the cross-platform transfer. The cross-platform transfer allows android users to send files to iOS users and vice-versa; there is no need for external wire connections. SHAREit can transfer all kinds of audio and video files, photos, and even apps that are easy to share with a click of a button.

There are over 50 features that make SHAREit the best file sharing app on android. It is compatible with Android tablets as well. There is no need for your smartphone or tablet to be of the latest model or have a great processor for SHAREit to transfer files at lightning speed as the app does not consume unnecessary data and space.

It is straightforward to use; you need to follow these steps to share files and documents on your device:

  • You will need an internet connection to download and install the SHAREit app on your android device. Find SHAREit on Play store and download the latest version of the app.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, follow the steps to share the files you want to send. Once you have tapped on send and receive on your particular devices, the rest should be seamless.
  • You will also have to select the receiving device and scan a temporary QR code so that they can connect.
  • The transfer will start as soon as the devices connect, and the best part is you will be able to send more files even while the transfer is happening! No need to wait.

So, find SHAREit on Play store and download the app now.