EDIT: From Blizz's own article about it. "On Patch day, players will be able open the Battle.net desktop application and WOW Classic TBC Gold select which game you want to play - Burning Crusade Classic, or WoW Classic. Your characters from the past will be displayed on both game types with your old name or. When you've decided on a game to play, you'll select a character to play, and confirm your choice. If you decide that you'd like to play as your character in both types of games, you'll be able to use an optional paid service for access to the cloned characters in both game types. All you need to do is login the game as usual and begin playing.

Since the copy has been completed before release Yes. The characters are all present in Classic and there is no copy downtime in the case of Classic. If you select TBC, the copy could result in downtime (just because its not instant) and you can imagine a large number of people's characters being copied at the same time and could cause the system to go down.

Botters will most likely benefit from the boost, which makes it more difficult for bots. If bots were controlled and the boost was controlled, it isn't a problem. My family and I return to classic because we enjoy tbc. They only join because they have the ability to increase their levels beyond vanilla levelling .

Our characters are in Classic. They don't want to sit idle while people visit TBC. All characters will be copied before launch. If you select TBC, they will flip the "active" bit on the TBC database to true as well as flipping the "active" part on the Classic database to false. You can then pay $35 to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold get the Classic bit reversed.