After the August update, New Horizons has restored many players who have gradually lost interest in Animal Crossing. The emergence of new activities and new items will always arouse the curiosity of players, which rejuvenates the new horizons. For new updates, many players like to Buy ACNH Bells to enjoy the game. But these are far from enough. Players hope that new features will appear in the new horizon.

According to reports from some data miners, Nintendo will introduce Brewster and his cafe Roost in the next update. Data mining personnel found several in-game codes and confirmed the arrival of the cafe. It will be located in the museum. For users, this will be a big surprise.

The arrival of Brewster and Roost will make players full of surprises. However, after a month or two, players will lose interest in Roost and hope to discover more new things in new horizons. What's more, users have gradually lost interest in the new items introduced in the 1.11 update.

Although New Horizons is progressing in many aspects, innovation is never-ending. Players' needs are always changing. Nintendo needs a new feature to attract users back to ACNH. The content is currently under development and it is worth looking forward to.

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