IVF Cost in Jaipur - In-vitro fertilization is one of the many methods in ARTs. Hundreds of fertility clinics have opened up to cater to the needs of millions of couples unable to get pregnant. IVF is one of the most common treatments offered. Different ARTs are commonly combined with IVF to achieve pregnancy.  Artificial insemination, surrogacy, ICSI, etc. are only some of those. Affordable and promising IVF treatments are available in almost all cities throughout India. 

The cost of treatment varies from region to region and is usually a bit higher in metro cities. This has made other big cities a more popular destination for fertility treatments. Jaipur is one of the up and coming destinations of the same.  The average cost of IVF treatment in Jaipur is about 1.25 to 2 lakhs INR. The basic IVF cycle would include everything from egg retrieval, lab fertilization of gametes and embryo transfer. In addition to the medical procedures, IVF cycle also requires injections and ovulation stimulating medicines not included in IVF cost. Couples with healthy eggs and sperm are eligible to go through basic IVF without the involvement of a donor. 

IVF is often confused with surrogacy or test-tube babies as well as holds a lot of myths regarding it. The most common myth being that the child born is not the biological child of the couple.  IVF is merely the process of  fertilization outside the uterus. The term ‘vitro’ meaning ‘within the glass’ refers to fertilization achieved in a laboratory dish. The embryo so formed is transferred for implantation inside the female. Some infertility cases often require a combination of IVF with other techniques. The process of IVF   For instance, ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is a technique where healthy sperm is injected in the cytoplasm of the egg. Once injected the embryo forms as a result of facilitated fertilization. The embryo(s) formed is transferred inside the womb using IVF. The costs of these treatments are compounded, due to the involvement of more methods. These processes are a sophisticated method to overcome specific issues that the couple faces. We care IVF surrogacy provides these treatments at a much affordable price. 

IVF treatment is completed in  steps:

  • Inspection of semen and uterine wall: before beginning the procedure, a thorough check of the semen sample and uterine tissue is performed. To ensure the viability of the sperm as well as to make sure the uterus is not infected. 
  • Stimulated ovulation: the female then begins a course of almost 15 days. On the regular, a female releases a single egg per menstrual cycle. The medication course stimulates the ovaries to produce up to 15 eggs. To increase the chances of embryos latching to the uterine wall. This stimulation has both oral as well as injected medication. 
  • Egg retrieval: once the desired number of eggs are produced, they're retrieved via a minimally invasive procedure. The male sample is deposited too. And are now ready for fusion. 
  • Fusion: in a laboratory-controlled setting, the two gametes are made to fuse and form multiple embryos.
  • Embryo transfer: via a catheter, the embryos are transferred in the uterus through the vagina of the female. 


Once the embryo is transferred into the womb it is required to attach itself to the uterine wall for the onset of pregnancy.  Mere embryo transfer does not mean that the female is pregnant. 54-60% of IVF procedures might fail at this point. Failed procedures often stir an emotional response in the couples. Despite the experts being capable and taking all the precautions, the process might be unsuccessful. Preparing themselves for whatever the outcome mentally is very essential. No two pregnancies are alike, and what makes a doctor the best fertility doctor for you is their ability to understand that. Even with a lot of experience, every specialist goes through certain new experiences with you.

 IVF packages typically also involve the Cryopreservation of embryos for up to a year. The embryos developed are needed to be preserved until the desired thickness of the uterine wall is reached. The cost of embryo freezing is an additional expense and is not included in the basic IVF package. Embryo freezing is also suggested for future pregnancies. The cost of a basic IVF package might also be impacted by the age of the patient and their medical history. Pregnancies in older women pose much more complications than in young to middle-aged women. Speaking of complications, repeated failed IVF cycles or miscarriages in the female can make the IVF procedure more intricate.  We care IVF surrogacy, have over the years seen and successfully handled many complex cases delivering results. 

We care IVF surrogacy is equipped with a team of a senior embryologist, urologist, Ob-Gyn, and fertility experts that work together to make this journey as smooth as possible for you. We have centers at multiple locations in and outside the country. We care has been providing high-class fertility healthcare in Jaipur for over 2 decades. Start the journey to parenthood today, book a consultation with our specialists.