Create discount codes

For products, collections, or variants of your store, you can offer your customers a discount of a fixed amount, a percentage, Best Coupon Codes of Bahrain Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, or shipping. If you sell online, you can also offer purchase discounts X, get Y to incentivize customers to buy items.

You can specify the following:

  • the validity dates of the code.
  • the number of times a code can be used.
  • a minimum order amount before you can use the code.
  • which products, collections, or variants the discount can be applied to.

Your customers can redeem discount codes in your online store. Your customers can also redeem discount codes in person if you are using POS with a POS Pro subscription.

All plans include discount codes.

After you've set up your discount codes, you can use the Sales by the Discount report to see how often your discount codes are being used.

Considerations for creating discount codes

Before creating a discount code, review the following considerations:

  • A discount code can be applied to up to 100 specific products and variants.
  • Each store has a limit of 20,000,000 unique discount codes.
  • Avoid using special characters in the name of the discount code, to ensure that the codes are correctly added to the URL of your store's checkout screen.
  • Individual variants are not supported in collections. Best Voucher Codes of Sri Lanka Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, If you add a product variant to a discounted collection, the discount will apply to all versions of the product.
  • If you create a discount with a start and end time, the time is based on the time zone selected in your Shopify admin.

Set a fixed value or discount percentage


  1. On the Discounts page, click Create discount.
  2. In the Discount Code section, enter a name for the new discount code, for example, 15offnecklaces, To generate a random discount code, click Generate code.
  3. In the Options section, select the type of discount you want to create.
  4. In the Discount value box, enter a dollar or percentage value for the discount.
  5. In the Apply to section, select what this discount applies to all products, specific collections, or specific products.

If the discount applies to specific collections or products, use the search field or the Browse button to add them to the discount. - If you want to remove a collection or product from the discount, click X to remove it from the list.

  1. Optional: If you are creating a fixed value discount code that can be applied to specific products or collections, you can check Apply discount only once per order so that the customer can use the code only once per order. Otherwise, the discount applies to all eligible products in the order.
  2. Optional: if you want to set a minimum requirement to receive the discount, select one in the Minimum requirements section.

The minimum purchase amount requires customers to spend a minimum amount to qualify for the discount. If the discount is applied to a specific product or collection, only those items will count towards the minimum purchase amount. - The minimum quantity of items requires customers to order a minimum quantity of items to qualify for the discount. If the discount is applied to a specific product or collection, those items will count toward the minimum quantity.

  1. In the Customer Eligibility section, select who this discount applies to everyone, specific groups of customers, or specific customers.

Use the search field to choose the people or groups you want to receive the discount. Customer listings show the email that was used to sign up for your store. If an email was not specified, Best Coupon Codes of Oman Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, the list shows the customer's phone number. - To remove an individual customer or group of customers from eligibility for a discount, click the X next to the customer or group name.