Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Boys and men young and old enjoy throwing the little ball across a plate to see if the opposing player will be able to use the bat to hit the ball. What seems to be a simple activity has become a major money-making sport.

As adult men have made the pastime an enjoyable professional sport to watch, young boys have enjoyed more and more learning how to play the game. But, young boys have nowhere near the strength and stamina of grown men. As such, the setup for the game they play needs to be modified slightly from the setup of professional athletes.

Little League baseball was created as an organized way of getting young boys to play the sport. And, the league has made it much easier for young boys to learn how to play the game without becoming frustrated at their inabilities to throw the ball a long way.

One of the major differences between little league baseball and professional baseball is that the field on which the young athletes play ball, including a change to the distance a pitcher must throw the ball to the batter. In a professional baseball field, the front edge of the pitcher’s mound stands 60 feet and 6 inches away from the rear point of home plate. The pitching rubber is 6 inches deep and 2 feet wide. However, on a little league baseball field, the front of the pitching rubber is exactly 46 feet from the rear of home plate.

Another difference in the baseball field for little league players is the size of the pitching mound. The width of the pitching rubber can vary between 18 inches (smallest) to the full-size 2 feet. The size of the mound on which the rubber sits is usually between 6-8 inches tall and 9-10 feet in diameter, though sometimes narrower in width than length. This compares to the full-size pitching mound of a professional baseball field which is 18 feet in diameter and 10 inches tall.

While many times pitcher’s mounds are simply constructed out of infield dirt, many little league fields have begun to use portable pitching mounds made from fiberglass in order to make the fields multi-sport. AllStar Mounds has been making high-quality portable pitching mounds for many years and is one of the highest quality mounds you can buy. Their AllStar #5 Little League Pitching Mound is 82″ W x 109″L x 6″ tall with a 6″ x 24″ White Rubber Pitching Block (Removable). It comes in green or clay color and weighs 200 lbs.

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