Vulkan explains the top 10 things he wish he knew before he started New World. It is always a good idea to heed such advice and avoid mistakes early on!

1) Finding Resources

So by far the largest question that I saw asked most of the time was, where do I find hemp fibers, linen, etc? Where do I find something? And this, like I said, was the most asked question over the first few days of beta. And to find certain resources, it’s very, very simple, you can open your map and click on resource locations. This is going to show you what type of environment that resource can be found in. So let’s use hemp for example. Because this was the one that I saw most often, it’s mostly located in the grasslands. And if you’re curious what it looks like, you can press K, which is going to open up your trade skills, and then click on harvesting. And it’ll actually show you a picture of him though these tall purple flowers. Now the second part of this is where to find fibers or linen. So if you head to the crafting station for the resource you need so again, let’s use linen as an example. Then you can go to the loom, and then hover over the crafting material to see where they’re derived from, it’s down here at the bottom. So fibers are from hemp plants. So now we can use our map to find those hemp plants and then our trade skills to see what they look like. So this whole cycle can be used for any crafting material or crafted item. You just need to check those spots to see what you need, where it comes from, and how to find it. Once you have this down, it makes things extremely easy.

4) Best Weapons in New World MMO

So let’s move into the next one. And that is what is the best weapon combo to use. This is a highly subjective question. But I saw it all of the time in chat new world is still in beta and we’re still discovering what weapons perform better than others. Now back in the preview, the hatchet was hands down the best weapon by a huge margin. It had the quickest attacks dealt the most damage you had berzerker it was just it was nuts. But these days it’s much closer than that. So I would recommend you figure out what you want to play in terms of roll and then make your decision from there. Because right now you really can’t go wrong everything is somewhat viable. So let’s go down and kind of the role list here. If you want to play a tank then you need heavy armor and a sword and a shield. I recommend a Warhammer are a great acts as your second weapon.

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