The second phase of TBC will bind all the content that was broadcast live when TBC was launched in its original form but was omitted in Classic. We will get Tier 5 raids, a new daily mission center, engineering goggles, and more! You will be able to see all the newly confirmed content in this guide. When you need to buy TBC WOW Classic Gold For Sale, please choose MMOSO.

Two new raids
SSC and Tempest Keep will appear in the second phase, providing us with Tier 5. Both raids were 25 players, which means we have completed the smaller 10-player raid team with Tier 5. In the two raids, the larger one was the Serpentshrine Cavern, with 6 bosses in the team. The smaller of the two isTempest Keep which has only four bosses. 

The new raid opens up the 5th tier of loot drops to players, which was originally part of the TBC version, but Blizzard decided to phase out the original content this time. Blizzard did confirm that the bosses for each drop Tier item now drop two each instead of the expected one. This is an improvement on the 4th Tier. 

Arena Season 2
Season 2 will be released with the patch, thus ending Season 1 and its offseason. The new season will bring new rewards, mounts, and opportunities to re-enter the arena ladder. 
Daily content of Ogri'la and Sha'tarl Skyguard has been added
After completing a series of pre-tasks, players will be provided with two new daily task centers. The said pre-quests are available before launch, so you can get ahead of the curve by unlocking them as early as possible. 

Sha'tari Skyguard is the faction that most people will wait for because they will unlock access to the new mount. They also have some trinkets, cloaks, pets, and a tabard.  

As for the two factions. Ogri'la will obtain a large number of items through a new currency "Apexis Shards"; this equipment is mainly a way for new players to catch up, rather than a way to get top loot. 

The rest
Unfortunately, the rest is mainly bug fixes. We may have some undocumented changes because they will always pass. But for now, this is just a long list of bug fixes.  

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