According to an extensive blog post delving into the game's main gameplay improvements, NBA 2K22 will be slightly faster than its predecessor. Despite the fact that the lengthy rundown discusses how you can expect "faster" dribbling with "much tighter control," the emphasis is primarily on defense in the game. According to NBA 2K22 MT Buy, the "shot contest and blocking systems" have been completely rewritten, resulting in "a number of new snatch blocks and volleyball spikes that have never before been seen."

Basketball IQ is being developed, with steals receiving a significant boost as well, allowing high-rated stealers to pick the pockets of their opponents – if their timing is on the money. Also highlighted is the importance of defensive AI, and while the blog post gets extremely technical, the gist is that you can expect players to behave in a more logical and consistent manner as a result of this enhancement.

For offensive purposes, the shooting system has been reworked yet again, this time rewarding teams and players who create wide-open looks for themselves. As explained in the blog post, “there’s an updated shot meter that can be scaled up or down in real time.”The window will expand when you are taking high-quality shots with good shooters, but it will contract when you are heavily contested, shooting with a low-rated shooter, or when you are exhausted. This year, timing will be required to complete alley-oops, and a new Dunk Style Creator will allow you to add more variety to your performances overall.


Two hundred and fifty-five new Badges will be added to the MyPlayer creator, and new loadouts will allow you to experiment and alter your performance depending on your mood or the opponents you are playing against. Takeover Perks will allow you to tailor your Takeover abilities to your own preferences and playstyle, providing you with even more room for customization.

To be honest, there is an absurd amount of information in the blog post – we've just picked out some of the highlights and attempted to package them in around 300 words – but if you want to know more, we'd recommend that you read the entire article. On the surface, many of these changes appear to make sense, but the proof will, as they say, be in the pudding.