Mages can enchant their robes in RS gold order to stop melee attacks. Bind spells can prevent the entire group from moving, and so you'll be able to stop their weapon ripping your. You could make special Mage robes, and enchant them using Runecrafting or Magic when Crafting was extended to more advanced levels.

Jagex can't make any changes to bring the level to 120. However, at the moment it's fully loaded. It is possible to unlock items during the 90s. If they want to include Mithril Dragons to your POH, a more extensive inventory and let you take them out faster, or an instrument which explains more about Shooting Stars they may raise the limit.

Extreme Potions have a reputation for being true to their words and there's no need for anything more. If they decide to include a Saradomin Elixir (Saradomin Brew + something else, which heals better than Saradomin Brew and does not lower the stats) There's the option of adding it.

It doesn't require raising because there's nothing to fill the space. Oh my. I could forgive and, if I am impressed, thank Jagex for raising Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning to 120 to include new content, but melee is powerful enough. And if they increase Magic or Ranging, they will have to do melee too. What do you think? Jagex is considering raising the skill cap. Should they?

I was thrilled by the discovery of secret resource dungeons. If you can't locate all of them, the xp bonus isn't significant. However there are some areas that can be very lucrative. F2P. I am able to only look at F2P-dungeons.

Edgville Hill giants, although not as crowded, it is still a great dungeon. Cranador The dungeon I visited was very disappointing to me. It contains lots of lesser demons, and it looks like the other dungeons on the island. This one is stupid. Dwarven Mines: The new greates mining area for F2P. 3 silver and 13 coal. 6 Mith are typically not overcrowded. It is buy RuneScape gold surprising that it has an institution! Dungeneering Peninsula: Lots of Maple and Willow trees. The best place to F2P woodcutting and firemaking.