Don't love it, don't throw it away! Adult sex doll manufacturers become "see-offs", and do scrapping for discarded dolls

FIRE doll

In Taiwan, Realistic Sex Doll has about 20 merchants, and it is conservatively estimated that about 1,000 dolls are sold a year. The market is not big, but not small. According to the local expert "Sex Toys Expert E Big", Taiwan’s sales in this province are nothing compared to China’s domestic sales.

In recent years, China’s rapid technological development in the physical doll industry has gradually caught up with Japan and has a vaguely surpassing trend. In addition, the price is relatively cheap, even several hundred yuan can be purchased, has become the world’s largest physical doll production and sales market. In Guangdong alone, there are more than 20 brand doll manufacturers in Huizhou, Zhongshan, Dongguan and other places, and one manufacturer has at least 1,000 dolls a month.

6YE doll

In 2010, when E University first entered the industry, he was once accused of obstructing weathering for writing analysis, sharing and recommended articles related to adult products. Nowadays, as cultural exchanges are gradually liberalized, the thinking and concepts of the younger generation have begun to change. The degree of acceptance is higher, and it is becoming more open. Singles and couples are no longer twitchy about buying and talking.

But there are some things that you will pay special attention to. For example, there are some careful thoughts when buying. Cheap Tpe Sex Dolls are large in size and generally have a similar ratio of 1:1 to people. They cannot pick up the goods directly, and can only use freight to purchase. People will also ask to post product content such as furniture or fitness equipment, so that they don’t have to worry about being discovered when they are delivered to their doorsteps or courier stations. Some people will only write the first name but not the last name, which is also alleviating the embarrassment.

Bezlya Doll

Related products in the adult industry are generally silica gel or TPE, so recycling is a problem, especially for large physical dolls.

According to his description, when a typhoon was blowing in Taiwan, he saw news reports on the river next to the bridge in New Taipei City, where a floating corpse appeared to be floating and sinking. From a distance, only one pair of feet was exposed. The police reportedly arrived at the scene to deal with After the floating corpse was salvaged ashore, it was angry and funny. It turned out to be a physical doll. At that time, he was shocked when he saw the news screen. Isn't that figure and face a doll that he sold?

After this experience, E University will warn buyers that when disposing of physical dolls, don’t throw them away. They must disassemble, cut off the "meat", and disassemble the inner skeleton for garbage collection to avoid damage. Society causes trouble.

AXB doll

Regarding the disposal of Huge Boobs Sex Dolls, many doll manufacturers in China are very considerate and have come up with relevant countermeasures. Even the "destruction of the corpse" has helped the guests think about it.

Shuruibao dolls revealed their recycling methods. When customers do not need the dolls and the dolls are damaged to be unusable, they can contact their after-sales customer service, send the dolls back to the factory, and the relevant workers will disassemble and dispose of the dolls, and peel off the outer layers of the dolls. , The remaining skeleton ironware is being recycled. In the large carton, you can see that all the ironware is long. Although it is troublesome, it will not cause trouble to society and the environment.