As the update interval of the important Animal Crossing: New Horizons has increased, players have begun to discuss what a potential sequel will look like-especially what it can learn from other popular simulation games, such as Stardew Valley. No matter how the game is updated, buying Animal Crossing Bells on is the first choice for old players. 

The agriculture and relationship-based mechanics of indie games are very suitable for the world of Animal Crossing, and Nintendo can benefit from borrowing many features of Stardew Valley from the New Horizons sequel. 
Animal Crossing: New Horizons has begun to be more similar to Stardew Valley, adding an agricultural mechanism last fall, this is the first time in the series. However, so far, although fans often request the introduction of more crops, only pumpkin planting has been increased. If the leak that points to the expansion of the island proves to be true, it is still possible to add additional agricultural space for Animal Crossing. 

In addition to more agriculture, New Horizons can also use more changes in its relationship. Players can talk to villagers and give gifts to build close friendships, just like the features in Stardew Valley, but there is almost no opportunity to do anything other than that. Stardew Valley includes a mechanism called a "heart event", which is a unique cutscene that unlocks when a strong enough relationship between the player character and the NPC is formed. Animal Crossing: New Horizons sequel can achieve similar scenarios, but it should draw more from Stardew Valley’s storytelling. 

If there is no story, the player will not have the motivation to continue playing New Horizons after completing the main objective. Completing even greater challenges in the museum, such as collecting every DIY recipe, has no real purpose other than personal achievement. 

Given that major updates are few and far apart, many fans find it difficult to maintain interest. The more story-oriented Animal Crossing not only gives old fans more reasons to continue playing but also allows new players to enter the game more easily. After entering the game, players will buy ACNH Items For Sale the first time to start their game's travel. At present, Animal Crossing: New Horizons remains to be seen what further updates are planned for or whether New Horizons will get a sequel.