An attractive classroom has all the beautiful colors. White charts depicting plants or animals in various shades, bordered with red or blue tapes catch our eyes. We love to visit such classrooms where we can see a variety of decorated material, that is not only breathtaking but are edifying.

However, our study room also can be transformed into a box thing. One particular corner that has our heart is the flannel board. These boards keep us up to date with the information and also adorn our room and hence we need to take good care of them. 

Today we will discuss how we can decorate our flannel board so they will support us in our studies and we will be gaining much from them. 

● Keep informative things 

If you are planning a flannel board keeping the view that you will be using it for your academics, in that case, one should not forget to paste things on it that are full of information and provide you some great skills.

For example, if you are a Biology student then the flannel board must contain the topics like the cell and its organelles, types of chloroplast, and any other important matter.

And if you are a physics student then the basics of optics and thermodynamics can be covered through the articles. Your past work can justify some planning of your help with homework. 

● Visible font 

When you are all set to write down the articles that you have to paste on your flannel board you must try to write down the text in the medium font. That means keep the size of your words so that they will be visible from 5-6 feet away.

Because if you are in no mood to study through books, you can at least stare at them and revise while lying on the couch or your bed. And you won't be wasting your time and learning something new.

Watching the piece of information will help with homework and you do not need to weep study help me. Hence, for grabbing creative ideas, always have a look at your flannel board. 

● Clean and clear stuff 

A student who uses these descriptive boards to learn should realize that it needs to be cleaned and whatever information that sticks to it must be clear. Mistakes are not allowed.

And If, in case, you have done an error, correct that at the same time. Proper space between the title and the main body, or the keywords you are adding is a mandatory step. No one likes to read

something messy and blurred. Because this data will be strengthening your academics, then do not take the risk. 

● Use contrasting pens and paper 

Do you think the yellow pen on the yellow chart sheet will be visible? If you are saying yes to this, buddy you need to change your taste of color. Contrasting colors look good on flannel boards. So, if you are using a yellow chart, you can use a green pen to write the text upon it.

Or if you have a red pen then, it can be used on an orange sheet. This differentiation of colors can be learned. And you have to focus upon this if you have decided to study through flannel boards. 

● Stab funky pictures 

This particular piece of advice goes well when you are preparing a flannel board for the kids. Especially those who study in standard 1st to 6th, variant pictures of cartoons that too in a mini form can be pasted over the boards to increase its fabulousness.

You can also go for a classy pattern or solar system emblems if you are formulating it for higher standards. Charming things fascinate the students more and boring things prevent them from learning. That's why to keep studies cool and easy always, you need not scream study help me. 

● Do not overload 

At moments you will presume that everything is important. However, this cannot come to pass. Certain topics are extremely important and certain topics do not have any significance but will benefit you in future life.

You need to prioritize both the sections and then prepare your stuff. Avoid just copy-pasting whatever is written in the book. Rather, just pick out some important concepts and make a concept map of them to learn better. 

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What do you think you will be able to prepare flannel Board from now onwards? If you still doubt yourself you can go and give a second read to this article. We hope you will learn much more after you prepare your boards.

So keep yourself updated on what is going on in this world and keep a track of your academic record. 

All the best and keep rocking.